of Conduct

Quad’s values, including our code of conduct entitled “Do the right thing”, were established by Harry V. Quadracci, when he founded the company in 1971. Today they are the basis for our daily decision-making.

Thanks to these values, we are successful and able to remain a “company with a soul” during our extraordinary journey.

Each year, 100% of our employees take and comply with our ethics code-of-conduct training.


Promoting safety at work is at the heart of our company’s culture and is a key element of our employee training programmes.

Everyone at Quad, from production workers to the company’s president, is responsible for safety. Quad’s vision of occupational health and safety is based on a holistic approach to business values. In practice, this means creating a safe and healthy working environment through its continuous improvement.

In addition, we protect Quad’s human, financial and physical resources by addressing issues that could potentially lead to losses.

our comunity

At Quad, we understand the important role large companies play in small communities. That is why we want to be something more than just a good local employer.

We are an active member of the community, a “helping hand” and a mentor. And we are proud of that.


Discover the activities we undertook in 2022 to support local communities.